Bank of the west pt 1

Bank of the West wanted to use Instragram Stories to promote a new account opening advertisement. I gave them two visual concepts (second concept below.) While this concept was a stretch for the brand, social media, especially Instagram stories, play by different rules than ads on other platforms. Stories notably are easy to skip, play for under 30 seconds (unless manually extended), and require an immediate interest.


Bank of the west pt 2

As stated above, Bank of the West wanted to use Instragram Stories to promote a new account opening advertisement. This concept was the safer, more brand-friendly approach.



Alyssa has loved solo travelling since she was young, and in October of 2016 she started a year long journey of travelling abroad, starting in Australia. 

She's also been a lover of scuba diving, and blogging and couldn't think of a better way to document her journey than with a lifestyle travel blog.

I was tasked with creating something simple and user-friendly enough for her to use on the go, and something that was very heavily picture-based. 

Click the image to the left to jump to her current site!

Circle City Selfies

You may have heard of having a photo booth at weddings, office parties, events but you haven't seen a photo booth until you've seen a Selfie Station!

This company is so versatile, being able to set up in practically any location that has power, and turn out full 4x6 prints, photo strips, or both!

I've been to one of their events and it is just TOO much fun! 

Check out their site by clicking on the picture to the left!


Ross & David

If you've seen my print portfolio, you'll know that I've created Save the Dates and an engagement invitation for Ross and David.

They also wanted a wedding website, which is becoming more and more of a thing in the wedding world! This website is made to grow and evolve as their journey towards tying the knot gets closer!

Earth Day 2017

With the 2016 Earth Day plantable seeds being a fun hurrah! at our company, (see my print portfolio) we decided to go back to an email this year for our Earth Day client communication.

Not only did we not want to reuse the flower paper idea, we also didn't want to bog down our planet with more paper and postage!

Instead, I hand-lettered this simple little "Celebrate Earth Day", created a few trees on my tablet, and made this cute little gif to go in our email – we ended up donating money to plant 250 trees worldwide via Earth Day Networks Canopy Project!